Thursday, September 17, 2015

Favorite Free Video Resources for Nature Journal Work

Mind of Watercolor  Join Steve Mitchell, a professional illustrator with over 30 years of experience, and his sidekick skull, Reese, for watercolor tips, techniques, and tutorials.  Lots of nature work and tons of fun. 

Watercolor Misfit  Carrie Luc seeks to educate and encourage others with her pen and watercolor classes.  Floral and cartoon work with step-by-step tutorials for finished pieces.  

Ashok Kosla  Ashok faithfully films and uploads all of John Muir Laws' nature journaling workshops full length.  Don't miss Laws' unique style as he teaches technique covering supplies, composition, and sketching tutorials for flora, fauna, and biome.  Beginner to Advanced in every video.  The sheer amount of info in these videos is mind boggling.

Cathy Johnson  Cathy has been keeping a journal and teaching since before I was born.  Her style is as simple and graceful as a haiku.  If you have a tendency to overwork, spend some time with Cathy's videos and on her website.

Gay Kraeger's Watercolor Journaling Class  Gay's video class introduced me to Mesh Joint Repair Tape as a can't-live-without journaling tool.   Learn loads of great tips for beautiful graphic design work in a journal.  Geared to beginners.

Karlyn Holman's Elegant Writer Tutorial  If you want to learn to create loose, artistic pieces from a simple nature illustration, don't miss this tutorial.  Buy the  Elegant Writer 4 Calligraphy Marker Sethere for a quarter the cost of a single marker in the hobby store.

Do you have a favorite video for nature journaling or water color?  Share it in the comments below! Note:  We will not be publishing art journal video links (layered journaling technique featuring gesso, acrylic, stamping, collage, etc.) at this time.

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