Sunday, September 13, 2015

Well, hello there!

I'm glad you've chosen to come take a peek at my blog.  Please introduce yourself in the comments.

Who am I?

I'm a late beginner/early intermediate multi-media artist who prefers pencil, ink, and watercolor. I keep what Hannah Hinchman defines as an Investigative Journal:  
 It documents the outer world, but includes many unmeasurable and unnamed phenomena, like the effects of light, ways the seasons change, patterns and textures in nature. It goes outside the categories of the Informational journal and finds links between apparently dissimilar things. Thus it includes more of the person making it, because it’s up to that person to invent new categories. Art in this journal would look more like what we find in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks.
I am by nature a researcher:  I collect and collate information into a usable form. Thursday's Brush will reflect that tendency -- you won't find a lot of new information or experimentation here.  You will find a reference library of videos, tutorials, articles, and even product reviews and recommendations.

Why another blog?

I want to create a comprehensive, searchable resource for myself and others who are seeking to grow their skill set in drawing, inking, and painting in a journal.  While I prefer to illustrate the natural beauty around me, I'm not afraid to pick the brains of other artists who prefer urban work, graphic design, or just plain doodling. A lot of free information exists for beginners, but after that, instruction becomes a scavenger hunt. If you have a tutorial or video you've found or created, feel free to send me the link and I'll consider adding it to Thursday's Brush.

That's Kind of A Weird Blog Name...

The name is a play on the poem that assigns character traits depending on which day of the week you were born.  Thursday's brush, like Thursday's child, has far to go. I've just started my journey as an artist, and I have a bit of wanderlust, too.

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  1. Hi, just a note to let you know that someone is reading your blog. I am here at the very beginning full of anticipation. Good luck and hope you have a nice long journey.